Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

Traditional Avenues

In today's recruitment marketplace, many employers focus mainly on online and social media avenues to fill their open positions, but traditional avenues still hold value in some instances. For example, if your company is looking to fill positions in a more rural area, or if you are looking for a candidate that does not need to be tech-savvy, newspaper might be a great source. If you are hosting a career fair or looking to reach a more passive job seeker, radio can be a very effective medium. If you are looking to target individuals who travel in their car often, billboards are a way to reach individuals who commute to work each day. Finally, direct mail is an exceptional choice to narrow your search to individuals qualified in a specific field who may not necessarily be looking to make a change.

These traditional forms of media are not as timely as the instant postings on the Internet, but they still hold a valuable place when applicable.

Newspapers are a valuable resource to advertise in when you are seeking to target a specific geographic area, especially when it is in a more rural area. Rates in smaller papers tend to be reasonable and the population that they serve still rely on the paper as a local news source. 

ADZ Etc. has a database full of options within many areas throughout the United States plus we add new locations whenever needed. When designing your placement, we strive to mirror your current company branding for a seamless appearance between you and your advertising.

Radio is everywhere. Every city has several stations with different genres to target your audience based on geographical location, as well as by the format that might interest your desired candidates. 

Radio offers the opportunity to apply background music and inflection to enhance the important points of your message. Spot frequency is key to driving applicants.

Copywriting is always included and schedules can be built to fit just about any budget.

Billboard and Outdoor placements are perfect to target road warriors, current employees of a competitor, or individuals living in a very specific area. Everyone sees a billboard. They are hard to miss. Although there is a limitation on how many words you can use, choose the right words and they can be greatly effective.

Most major cities, highways, and freeways have digital, static, or poster billboards. Digital billboards rotate advertisers and offer the opportunity to place several messages (and easily tweak your message, if needed), while static billboards are typically contracted for a 4-week minimum on vinyl. 

Deliver your message straight into the hands of your potential candidates with a direct mail postcard. Not all positions offer a reputable list, but many do, especially in the area of physician recruiting. We will purchase the list, design the card, have it printed, addressed and mailed.

Direct mail does take some time to process, but it can be a very effective way to communicate to individuals who are not specifically looking for a new opportunity. 

For more information on whether this is a viable avenue, please contact ADZ Etc. and we will discuss your options with you.